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So very happy to find you again! Thought you were gone. Missed you terribly. It's very true. You really don't know what you have until you've lost it. Best radio station ever! Finding you again has really made my Thanksgiving complete.


You all are doing a great job. I listen to your station every chance I get.

Anita C

Thank you for everything you guys do. I look forward to getting in my car and listening to all the great musicians who praise God!

Corrina M

Thank you! I love listening to you throughout my day!

Missy K

You are such a blessing to me and my family. Thank you all so very much for ALL you do.

Maggie N

Am new listener. Couldn't have come at a better time. Thank you so much for all the inspiration. I forgot my faith for a while, but you guys have reminded me what is really important!

Sherry D

Thank you Arizona Shine for being such and important part of my day! I start my day driving to work listening and then tune in as soon as soon as I get to my computer at work. I even tune in before I check my email! I want the songs of praise and worship flowing before the day's challenges begin. Then on the way home in the car I am relaxing to these sweet melodies of God and His greatness. Again, THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU!

Cindy M

Thank you for inviting me to be part of the gift drive. Volunteering was a "gift" to me! Love you guys! Every time I think of you I thank God for you. Denise

Denise M

Thanks for all you do and how the music helps many of us get through the day.

Kara G

Your station is hands down my favorite ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm a semi truck driver delivering pastries state wide. Just moved my family into Buckeye. We love you. You are a window into Heaven. Thank you for the great work and long hours you put in. Gods richest blessings be on you.


Thank you so much!
I love your station so much its like coffee for my soul!!

Tammilynn H

I recently moved from Southern California. Thank you for having a station here waiting for me.

Robin L

Thank you for your excellent programming from the inspirational words to music. Listen to your station each time we are in the car and just love your selection of music - best Christian station on radio.

Ginny K

I love, love, love your station and programming!!! It's true, I always hear exactly what God wanted me to hear!
Thank You Arizona Shine!

Rae-Ellen R

This radio station constantly changes my life. I listened to it as a little girl in the car with my mom and now I share the same moments with my daughter. Thank you for always being there for me and my family. I'd love to put a sticker on my car in hopes that someone one day will see it, change the station, and change their life!!!!

Sarah B

I love listening to your station I can be having a horrible day or a lot of stress on my mind I get to work and get in my company truck turn you on and instant re leaf comes over me.

Melissa S

I love you guys! You guys rock thank you!!

Kianna W

So grateful for what you do. Thankyou

Linda B

The inspired idea from one of Jason Gray's songs is demonstrated by each of you EVERY day- "God put a million million doors in the world for His love to walk through, and one of those doors is YOU - each one of YOU! Thank you and God bless you in every thing you do and say-

Kathie O

Keep up the Fantabulous work that you do. Praising Our Lord & Savior all day long. Awesome.

Kelly P

Thanks for the Godly encouragement that I get everyday.

Sheila M

Thank you for blessing us just by being on the air!

Kevin F

I was saved in January and I've listened to a lot if different radio stations in my day but when I found Arizona Shine I found myself more upbeat than ever! I started just listening to it in my car then realized this morning I can listen to it in my house and what a great choice that was!! My dog isn't misbehaving, my baby isn't cranky and I'm energized! Great cleaning music too!! Thanks have a great day!!

Ashley M

Thank you Arizona Shine for all that you do! I listen faithfully everyday. The music you play is amazing and inspiring. The testimonies and stories you share are equally awesome. Thank you and I would be proud to help promote your station!!

Jasmine S

Arizona Shine always seems to play the right song at the right time to lift me up.

Mary V

I love listening to all the music!! It gets my day started and keeps me going all day!!!

Chandra L

Thanks for all you do to help this community receive more of God's blessings through what we hear every day. God bless you all.

Sharon F

LOVE, LOVE this station! It is all I listen to. Thank you for all you do to promote the love of Jesus into our daily lives!

Altha C

Arizona Shine in a sense saved my life. I recently got married and moved to Peeples Valley. I work in Prescott so I have to drive the windy mountain terrain of the White Spar. As I drove that drive every morning and afternoon Monday through Friday I listened to the only station that came in which played old rock and roll 70's music.

As I listened this music reminded me of my youngest son (22yrs old)that passed away last year after fighting cancer for 8 yrs (since 14yrs old). My son and I were best friends. All that knew us knew that we had a bond like no other. As I drove this route day in and day out I would miss him more and more. One day all the way home I considered missing one of the hairpin turns so I could see my son.

The next morning when I headed to work the radio station wouldn't come in and the only one that did was Arizona Shine. The song that was playing was "Blessings" by Laura Story. After listening to that song I realized that my son had just gone home and it wasn't my time to go home. I must stay on this earth and continue to share the wonderful word of the Lord every day, every chance that I get.

I used to dread the ride back and forth from work but now I look forward to it because that is the only time I get to listen to this wonderful station that provides the word and praise of God through song.

My son had been performing since he was 3 in church, school and the community. He would love your station, OUR station! Thank you so much.


I am blessed to have Arizona Shine to sing praises to the Lord! You have a wonderful staff and the music played brings me even closer to Him!
Blessings and prayers to you and your listeners!

Cheryl S

What a great station! I started listening a month ago when going to work in the morning. I especially like Mr. MacArthur at about 530 AM. Super word ! Thanks for your radio station. Keep it going we all need it in this day . We serve an awesome God!

George B

The last few months have been the most challenging of my life. Trying to raise three boys, figuring out how to deal with a drug addicted boyfriend, and struggling to pay my bills brought me to my knees. I knew I needed to put more positive things in my life and surround myself with great, positive music was just the kick start I needed to get my mind set on where God wants me. THANK YOU for being the push I needed to continue my journey forward and back to God, along with my three boys.

Libby M

Thank you for my copy of the Word for Today devotional. I have been reading it daily for over a year now. It has been a real inspiration to me along with the other devotionals and prayer time that I take each morning. the Holy Spirit knows exactly what I need each day.

Tom M

Thank you for all the wonderful daily devotionals and testimonies. May God continue to bless you all!

Jo F

We so appreciate Arizona Shine and we are always so grateful to follow with the devotional reading in the morning and then the radio all through the day! We are so blessed to be a part of the Arizona Shine family!

John and Kathy

I listen to your station whenever I am in my car. Your songs have blessed my heart over and over again! Thank you and God bless you!

Kathy B

You guys are amazing! I have listened to you every day since I've been five years old.

Toby B

We love your station. Thanks for being there!

Susan B

Your radio station kept me company while traveling the North part of the state.

Frank V

Thank you for the uplifting words and music you share every day. Love you guys!

Petra M

Thank you for all the great music and talk and teaching radio you guys have. It helps me keep my head straight with God during the day while working. Thank you guys for being such a blessing.

Daniel N

God bless you for all you do for us. As with the Arizona Shine sticker, we look forward to doing our part in bringing others closer to Christ.

Jim R

You radio station has given me that strength and encouragement to get moving in the morning. both my wife and I listen to you every morning as we take our six year old to school.

Alan P

Hi there. I just wanted to say that I really like Arizona Shine and appreciate its team! I live in Los Angeles and first listened to Arizona Shine in August of 2013 when my husband and I went to Sedona for our summer vacation. I wish I could find a Christian radio station here in LA that plays great Christian songs like Arizona Shine. We had a great time in Sedona and I was happy to see so many Christian churches there and so many Christian radio stations. There was a great vibe, very different than in California! Since that trip I have been occasionally listening to Arizona Shine online and I love the songs you play. Keep up the good work!

Valeria V

Guys, I just wanted to let you know that my Christian life has been blessed by your ministry. Me and my family listen to your station via the internet in Mexico City. May our Lord continue guiding you in serving Him. Blessings


I love the great music you play!

John N

Keep up the good work!

Bonnie V

I love your station not only for the music and the various programs, but for Sally and all the DJs providing all their valuable information on how we should live. All of you are a blessing.


Thank you for the wonderful music and great programming of teachings and commentary. May God bless you!


I just want to say thank you first of all. When I am having a rough time I turn the station to Arizona Shine and the song that is playing usually is a song that helps and gives me strength in my situation. It's amazing how God works miracles. He is an amazing God with him I can face any struggle that I have especially with the frustration I have in the last few months of high school. Without God I would fall apart. This radio station helps me stay in touch with God when I am busy. Thank You.


I just wanted to thank you for all the heart warming stories and the amazing music, and all the wonderful programs that you air that just make my day so much better, and the peace I feel every time I tune in. God Bless you all.


Thank you for all the great music and talk you guys have. It helps keep my head straight with God during the day while working. Thank you guys for being such a blessing.


Arizona Shine is such a blessing to my family.

Martin E

You are my inspiration for staying focused on my daily walk with the LORD! GOD is good all the time, All the time GOD is good!

Cheryl J

Thank you for putting the message of the Love of the Almighty out on the airwaves. This station is so different from other stations in that it is not all "boo hoo" music that will bring you to tears when you're driving down the road. It's music that's up to date with beats that will keep the kids interested. Thanks for making my part of Arizona Shine!!!

Carrie P

I love listening to your station. Keep sending the message!

Debbie H

I love the great music you play.

John N

Keep up the good work!

Bonnie V

Thank you for always playing the right song at the right time. Much love & many blessings to each & every one of you & your loved ones.

Christy T

Your music is inspiring and uplifting. Thank you!!

Jennifer H

We have been listening to your station for almost a year now. Thank You for your service to the Kingdom.

Tom and Sharon P

Hi....we get to listen to AZ shine at work. What a difference it makes. Thanks for all you do.


I love the music! Thank you!

Kerry S

Thank you for all you do for all of us.

Tracy S

Love to have faith. It keeps me going through difficult financial times. Pray that I find full time employment.

Karen S

Thank you for the wonderful, inspiring music!

Cindy B

Come rain or snow I can always count on you to make my day SHINE

Holly H

Love you guys. God's music has changed my life.

Melisa C

You are a blessing every day!! I have you on in the car and at work and at home all the time.

Hen F

Your music is inspiring and uplifting. Thank you!!

Jennifer H

Hi all at Arizona Shine. I want to let you know that I live 2 hours from my job so I travel 4 hours everyday I work. I have one station programmed in my phone and that is Arizona Shine. I hear the wonderful music on the way to work and on my way home between 10 pm and midnight I hear amazing messages.

Terri M

Arizona Shine is such a blessing to my children and I everyday! There's nothing better than listening my kids sing these amazing uplifting songs and worshiping our precious Lord!!! Thank you for everything you do and God Bless!!!!!


Arizona Shine is such a blessing to my hubby and myself. With all the garbage out there these days in the media, listening to Christian radio is a breath of fresh air and an inspiration to us both. Some days your station is on all day long. Love all that you do! Praying for God's continued blessings over all @ AZ Shine!


God bless this awesome station! We really need you guys in Sedona!


I listen to Arizona Shine every time I get in the car. I get upset when someone changes it. I truly love Arizona Shine!!!!

Nancy L

Thank you so much for such an awesome, uplifting radio station!!

Chris & Shanna

After a 'personal Challenge' to listen to Christian radio for one week, I started seeing the changes being made in my life. Your Focus on the Family sessions have made my house a more peaceful, patient house for my two young boys. I have been more openly sharing thoughts and ideas with my non-believing husband. I have become more actively involved and spiritually involved at my church.

After one month now of Arizona Shine in my car, my relationship with God is now at a level that it has never been before. I wanted to give my 4 year old a good message while riding in the car. Just the other day, I heard him chime in with Chris Tomlin singing "The God of angel armies, is always by my side". Thank you so much, Arizona Shine has changed my life.


When you were doing your fund raiser God was tugging on my heart to help but being owner of Prescott Sober Living I was having the worst financial slump ever. I was driving home and decided to pull my car over and donate $20. I am now having one of the best months ever. After trusting in God I believe its not only about faith because I SEE the miracles for myself. God bless you all. God is good...Albert


I love the music. It's very teachable for me, it changed my life. I mean Jesus did.


I moved to PV 3 yrs. ago from Indiana. I set my car radio to Arizona Shine then, and haven't touched the dial sense! Every song, every word spoken from you wonderful people come at the moments I need them. Also, just the pure enjoyment and joy that fills my heart and spirit is remarkable!! Thank you so much!! Be blessed! Sherry


Congratulations to you all for winning station of the year! It really is no surprise to me because you have always been number 1 to me.The warmth and devotion of your staff members radiates through the atmosphere at the station, and through the airwaves. What a blessing you are to all of us listeners.

Marilyn R

Arizona Shine is such a blessing to me.
I love listening anytime and place. My radio was stolen out of my car. So I can only listen to Arizona Shine online. Thank you so much for having the online Listen Live.
God is AWESOME in my life and all of you truly bless the world.


I am so thankful for your wonderful radio station! You are definitely my favorite station! I support you and thank you for strengthening and encouraging those who are already Christians, and for bringing the message of salvation and hope to all who tune in! Thanks again for all you do to promote awareness of GOD's truths and for your prayer ministry! I know you are reaching so many who never go to church!

Kerry Lynn

Why am I surprised that Casting Crowns Praise You In This Storm is played right when I need to hear is most?
Thanks you Arizona Shine - Listening in Phoenix while working.


How can I express my thankfulness for a Christian radio broadcasting in the darkness of Flagstaff! You prepare me in the early morning to approach my day with light to those for whom I care.

There are so many great songs you play which touch my heart and give me words for others.

I think my favorite right now is by an artist I can not recall right now but is a song that starts: "Hello, my name is regret..." It reminds me of how often we are slaves to things God has already overcome.

Thank you all for your sweetness, gentleness,and careful choices in what you air.


I love this station and listening to the stories and the connection to God with them. I listen to this station on a daily basis, and it brings me closer to him every day. Thanks and keep it up. You guys are awesome and amazing with all you do!

Lance S

It is so nice to be able to hear music that uplifts the soul! Driving or at home!

Patricia H

I watched the memorial service on TV. What stood out to me was that God was there in that arena and made Himself known to everyone watching. It is obvious that the firefighting community is a tight-knit group, but today everyone was a part of that family. I will never look at a firefighter again without remembering these 19 brave men.

I feel blessed to have watched today's service to honor our fallen firefighters.

Winny F

Thank you for your outpouring of encouragement and love. Makes me smile.

Cherie F

I thank you for the great music.


May God bless you richly and use you mightily.


Keep up the good work. Please keep playing uplifting music. It gets me through every day. You guys are great. God is so good. Thank you for running the race with me.
Love you.


We are grateful to Godโ€™s presence in and at Arizona Shine. The daily devotionals are so amazing. There are some days that speak directly to us as parents, grandparents or people that need prayer.

John & Katherine

Thank you for all you do. You encourage my walk with the Lord every day. As a single mother of two adopted teenage daughters, life gets a little rough at times. I can always count on Arizona Shine for comfort and peace. It is so wonderful to hear my girls singing the Christian songs. I pray the station will stay strong. God bless you. We love you.

P.S. Thank you for playing โ€œHow Great Thou Art.โ€ It has been my favorite song since I asked Jesus to be my savior when I was six years old.

Donna R

Love all that you do to build the kingdom.

Beverly G

Thank you for the uplifting music

Tiffany S

I love this station i listen to it every day in my car to and from work

Jimmy H

I love it that I can listen to your station whether I am at home in Phoenix or at our new retirement home (weekends only so far) in beautiful Prescott! Keep Shining!

Sharon L

I have been a listener for months now and really enjoy your station I have been a follower of Christ for many years now he really came through for me in 05. I was in a really bad car accident and doctors said I would never walk again. Well, even though I do it with pain, I walk, and he helped me through a very rough time. Right before the accident, I got the news my oldest sister was murdered. Well I wrapped myself in drugs, and to make a long story short, with God I am healthy, walking and sober for 7 yrs now. I just want to let those who may be going through a rough patch that God is and always will be there for you know. No matter how messed up you think your life may be.

God bless you, and I hope this story will touch someone's heart who needs to know that the man above is the only one. God Almighty loves you, no matter what you have done in your life. You are his child.

Patricia W

Thank you for all that you do. I enjoy Arizona Shine very much. God bless.

Sherry B

I have just recently started listening to your station. This is the best station on the radio, in Arizona, today. I have recently came back to God & Jesus Christ into my life & I feel blessed to listen to Arizona Shine every morning...God bless!

Leana Jo

Thank you for keeping Prescott updated with fire information! I heard about the community meeting when Kelly announced on air as well as Amy, and...everyone who's been on air too..I even saw Sally Barton there last night and thanked her for the station keeping us updated and having information and contact & website contact info here. I go here first and encourage others to do so too. YOU ROCK my life!

Suzanne S

I definitely want people to know about Arizona Shine and meet Jesus through your ministry and music. Thank you so much for the sticker opportunity. May God continue to bless you as you follow in His will.


Your station is a true blessing in my life. I listen at work, in my car and at my house. So glad to hear the uplifting music everyday.

Kim T

Thank you all so much for blessing us with great clean music every day.

Shannon W

THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!!! I have had my 10 year old granddaughter here form Phoenix this past week and Arizona Shine is all I listen to in my car...I'm sending her home tomorrow singing Christian music instead of the garbage she was singing when she got here! THANK YOU ARIZONA SHINE!!!

Tina D

I would like to thank you for helping me get through a difficult time, and for helping so many of us make it to a new life.


You guys are great and make everyone feel better.


Many thanks for all you do. We are all blessed for all that you do in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Leonard F

I've been a listener for years and a supporter for the last two. Love your station and programming! Thank you for sharing God's word through music!

Sheryl W

You guys are the greatest radio station in the world!!!!!

Lessa P

I just wanted to say thank you to Arizona Shine! I was driving home from church yesterday and was singing along with the worship music on the radio. I looked over to the person driving in the lane next to mine. I noticed the young lady was singing in her car as well. I was overwhelmed with joy when I realized we were both singing the same song on the radio.
Thank you for being there and transforming the atmosphere of Arizona into a worship center without walls.


You guys are AWESOME!!! Keep up the Lord's work!!

Pam E

I love Arizona Shine

Aronda T

I found your radio station on my way back from a long car trip. I was immediately hooked! I can get it on my radio here in Peoria and am so excited!

Leigh H

You are necessary and wonderful. Continue to change the lives and hearts of people by using His music.


I thank God for all of you. God's music helps with the soul. Bless you all
Thanks for all that you do for God

Carolyn G

I love listening to your radio station. It is very inspiring and uplifting.


Thank you, for all that you do. You lift my heart and spirit every time I turn on the radio! God Bless!

Wendy K

My daughter and I moved here from CA. and we really couldn't get a Christian station, but since our move to Cottonwood, you are all we listen to. You have made such an amazing difference in my life. Thank you,thank you, thank you. God Bless.

Diane T

Thanks so much for what you do. It has made a big difference in my life to be able to hear the music and the story's that you provide.

Elizabeth S

Amazing addicting uplifting beautiful radio station. I love it and thank you everyday for this station, I leave it on all day even for my animals when I'm gone.


Thank you for your uplifting songs and messages. Many times Arizona Shine has been just what I needed to get me through a rough day. God truly uses your station to bless the lives of people all throughout Arizona. Thank You!

Jenna M

Thank you very much for everything. I listen to you guys every day. I drive from Paulden to Prescott for work and you guys are always my drive to work station. You pick me up from the start to the finish of the day. Thank you Arizona Shine!


Love your station!

Twyla M

I wanted to say how much I enjoy your programs and music. They are truly a blessing and a light to help me along this journey called life. Thanks for all you do. ๐Ÿ™‚


I thank you for your daily messages and word of encouragement and hope and praise for God. I stumbled across your station about 2 yeas ago when I was going through a tough time. Mercy Me was on singing All of Creation and when I heard lift up my voice and lay my worries down I felt a great heaviness leave me and a sense of peace come over me. Thank you again, bless you all, and may God's peace fill you.


I thank God for you that we have you to listen to every day. From the music to the teaching programs, man, there's nothing like it anywhere. I don't know what I'd do without Arizona Shine to listen to!

Peggy L

I love listening to you guys, and every time I tune in I feel peace & harmony. Thank You for all you do and the great music you play!

Vanessa P

Thank you for your uplifting music and your inspiring messages.

Karen L

Thank you for all the great things you guys do!


Thank you for the uplifting music and for keeping me grounded in the word. Your station is awesome!!


I really enjoy your station. When I'm down it lifts me.


I love this radio station, it definitely lifts me up!


Arizona Shine has been a great comfort and strength for me and my family. Not only as a way for God to speak to me but to help me make good decisions in a world that I stand out in. You help me feel connected. Thank you!

Michelle S

Arizona Shine is a God send for me. I have to work on Sundays, so my Spiritual food comes from Arizona Shine. I Praise God for all He does through this radio station, & of course for all of you!I can't Thank You enough!!!

Sister in Christ, Lisa


I was blessed last weekend by going to Heights Church last Sunday. What beautiful Christian worship music! How lucky they are to have had recording artist Justin Unger in Prescott as a worship leader. He was on Arizona Shine Saturday in the Portraits segment, and he definitely is an inspiration with his story.
I encourage others to listen to Arizona Shine to hear what they do. Every time I listen I am encouraged and learn more of Christ. It will help me deal with relationships, family and how to begin to heal from a divorce. A divorce I did not want and I did not bring on. A mid-life crisis did undo and break up my family. I have never been selfish my family was everything but I cannot make a husband happy that is not happy in his life, choices, and job. That's Gods job to heal & encourage and I have been helpless to do on my own. We needed Christ at the centerโ€ฆ next chapter is God's guidance.

Keep up all the great work Arizona Shine cause what you all do matters more than you'll ever know. Love to you all. S


Hi guys,
I am so thankful getting to listen to this station. I feel so strong and so Blessed.
May God bless you always. I love your songs you programs are amazing.
Once again
Thank you.


Arizona Shine is amazing! My husband and I listen all the time, even when we're sleeping! We find you guys to be a huge inspiration for our daily lives. It is a great thing to turn on the radio and hear God's word and not the junk that is often out there.


Thank you for being awesome! We listen every morning on the way to school. My teenage son will even request to listen to Arizona Shine if a CD is on in the car. You are a blessing every day.


I have been listening to Arizona Shine for a long period of time. It has been such a blessing to mine and my familyโ€™s life. Thank you to all the staff at Arizona Shine for the awesome job you are doing.


Arizona Shine has been the light of my life for many years. It has kept me going through rough times, and I know God always answers prayer.

Patricia B

Arizona Shine is wonderful. When I drive to work each morning it's my background music when I am praying.

Valerie R

I love Arizona Shine and I am thankful we have it in Flagstaff.


I really enjoy listening and learning from your station as well as the great music.

Deanna H

Thank you Arizona Shine for being there at the right time. My four year old knows all the songs.

Martha B

I am a student in Flagstaff. I want to thank Arizona Shine for sharing the gospel in our state.


Arizona Shine has done a wonderful work for our marriage. I listen to it all the time.

Christy C

We give you our gift to help others who are searching for happiness which is only found in Christ.


I really appreciate the station. I have a second home in Prescott and all the radios play Arizona Shine even when I am not home.


Arizona Shine is such a blessing to me.

Laura S

I want to thank Arizona Shine for always being there.

Kathy D

This station means so much to me. The stories I hear on the air about how people are being touched is incredible.

Michael H

Keep up the good work. God bless you all.


I am so thankful that Arizona Shine is here to help shine God's light to the lost

Shirley S

I love the station and the music and all of the healing it gives.

Irene E

I am happy to follow the Lord while listening.


Thank you so much for the blessings to me, my family and our community. You give so much hope for those who are lost and minister to everyone who needs it.


I fully believe that Christian music is a vital part of a joyous day!

Cynthia K

Arizona Shine is my cup of coffee! I wake up to it every morning and it starts my day off right.

Susan G

Thanks for playing great Christian music! And broadcasting Family Life Today. Keep it up!

James G

Thank you for being such a positive part of my life and the lives of my family and friends. I work in the church office at Willow Hills Baptist Church and we listen to you all day there!

Dawn Marie

You are such a blessing in my life. Thank you so much for getting me through those tough mornings when I'm not sure if I can face the day. I hope others will see this window sticker and have the same life changing experience that I did.


Thank you so much for the inspiration!


Thank you for all your inspiration and for the positive message my children hear through your station!

Terri B

You guys are super! Thank you for reminding me every day of our need to be connected to the vine as Jesus says in John 15:5. Your radio station provides that 24/7 connecting point to Him. Bless you all.

Gerry M

I love Arizona Shine!

Linda J

I love listening to the station. It's been uplifting and a great help through what my mom, my brother and I have been going through. Thank you so much.


I love your station! Very uplifting! I want to share God's love! Good bless you! ๐Ÿ™‚

Chelsie H

I recently have been sick, and missed church twice. Your station was my church while I was home sick. I especially love your station on Sun.
I work at home in my shop/garage. I have your station on in my shop and house, and find great pleasure hearing your music when I change from home to shop and the music is constant.

I recently have been sick, and missed church twice. Your station was my church while I was home sick. I especially love your station on Sun.
I work at home in my shop/garage. I have your station on in my shop and house, and find great pleasure hearing your music when I change from home to shop and the music is constant.
I came across your station by accident one day not even knowing it was a Christian station. I enjoyed listening to the music and that first day and now when ever I get in the car to go anywhere I always have the radio tuned into Arizona Shine. I find myself feeling good and smiling inside and out. Thank You!!!

Tawnya O

Family Funny - Grandmas car used to start and run on a really good cup of coffee, Now it is Grandmas car runs on a good cup of coffee and SHINE.


I listen to Arizona Shine every day, and it blesses my family every day.

Stephanie S

Thank you for the every day encouragement.

Jacob J

Thank you Arizona Shine for an uplifting station to listen to while I drive. It is a very positive station amongst a lot of negative. It keeps me in a pretty good mood.

Rose S

Thank you. You guys start my day on a great note and help keep my day on track. You helped bring me back to the Lord.


Arizona Shine is a true blessing. It brought us closer to God and got us back in church.


You guys are AWESOME! When I go to work and come back from work you guys always play the best and most encouraging music that helps me in my daily walk with the Lord. I have been listening for a long time.

Joan H

Arizona Shine is like a โ€œlight in the night!โ€ I listen to it all the time in the morning and when Iโ€™m done with school.

Caleb W

I listen to this radio station all the time. It is uplifting and I can use a message from God anytime.

Allison M

I listen almost the entire time I'm awake each day. It brightens my day, gives me a smile, and when I hear Toby Mac I have to break out in a dance no matter what I'm doing!!

Keep up the great work of spreading the gospel in Arizona!

Karen N

Finally found music that is pleasant and inspiring. I thank you and my little critter Dachsund (OZZIE) thanks you. He now stays in kitchen with me and listens and when I dance he dances and sways to the beautiful music. We both love the music and please keep up the good work.

Carole O

I was baptized years ago, but never was taught how to be a Christian or what being saved really was. I joined Clarkdale Baptist Church two years ago and began to realize what I had been missing. Jesus had been working in my life and at times I realized it but kept being a sinner. HE saved me many times from dying even and I never really thanked HIM for it. It was all about me only. When I started listening to your programs and the music, this re-enforces all that I am learning. Thank you for being here so that I can hear.


I started listening to RadioShine only recently and now listen almost exclusively. Not only do I like the music you play, but I get much out of your other programming (i.e. Focus on the Family, Dr. Jeremiah, etc...). Keep up the good work and thanks goes to God for your ministry. Blessings to all of you.

Leonard F

I was becoming very frustrated because I couldn't get Arizona Shine on my radio in my home, just in the car. It didn't seem right to sit in the car all day running the battery down so I prayed about it, and as I was praying,I heard someone on the radio say "". Now I can get your blessed station on my ipad and enjoy it whenever I want. Amazing what a little prayer can do!

Kaye M

You are a Blessing to me each and everyday!! Love EVERYTHING about Arizona Shine!! Thanks for ALL you do!!

Donna D

I recently found you by answered prayer. My church fasts for 25 days each January, this is the first year I am truly participating. I have totally given up TV, which distracts me from my time with God. I was wondering how on earth am I going to get In Touch, Turning Point & other Sunday broadcast TV??? Thank God and Thank you!


Thank you for allowing us to be part of the blessing that you are so greatly a part of in sharing Gods Word to the World.


Thanks for always being committed to broadcast life-changing programs. Thank you for letting God show his love and guidance through you. You truly let the light of Jesus shine!


Thank you for blessing us in Wickenburg....anxious to see the LIGHT shine to more people!

Ronni A

The music you play and the way all of you talk on the air (you have fun and don't try to be anyone you're not) lifts my spirits each day. Thank you and God bless you all!

Lisa D

The music gets me through the day.

Tami S

I love this radio station. I play it all the time in my car.


WE LOVE THIS STATION! My girls love to sing to the great music!

Anna M

Thank you Arizona Shine for being our worship connection to a loving God.


The Last time I drove to Phoenix I heard Arizona Shine the whole way! What a blessing!


I just want to thank you for your radio station. I listen to Arizona Shine every day at work. We are allowed to wear headphones, and it is Arizona Shine that helps me get through the day. I always get uplifted and the music helps me to stay on track with the Lord. Thank you so much!


You're one of the most special radio stations on the face of the earth. I know you're doing what you're doing because of god. I turn on my radio and listen to you every morning before I go to work.


We love this wonderful radio station and have been listening for 3 ยฝ years. It is great to wake up and hear the music, worship and the teaching. We appreciate your being on the air. It helps our walk with God.


Our family loves Arizona Shine and we listen at every opportunity.

Michael N

I love your encouraging music that plays when I need a lift up.


I appreciate all this station has done for my family.


Thank you for bringing the message of god's love to Arizona. May God bless each of you.


My husband and I love to hear the praise music, and I enjoy Janet Parshall.

Patricia B

Thank you for helping spread the gospel to all ages through your radio station. You are the only station our family listens to. Thank you.


Thank you for help spread the gospel to all ages through your radio station. You are the only station our family listens too. Thank you.

Violet D

Please keep honoring the Father, you guys! I, for one, am listening!

Jack O

Thank you for this wonderful radio station. It keeps me going every day! God bless you all!


Thank you Arizona Shine! God bless you guys!


We would like to say what a blessing you are to us. It is refreshing to have a radio station like your's to listen to.

Thank you

Jim & Amy

Thank you for doing a great job! God bless you all for doing God's good work in this darkened world.


We are sooo very blessed by your heart, dedication and commitment to share, and live God's redeeming Love! We Love ya'll!

David & Jaye Lene

I found Arizona Shine FM recently while in the area for a speaking engagement. It is amazing how God impacts our journey when we least expect it. I love the station and the message, thanks for being a part of so many others journey too. Iโ€™ll be listening often (local and abroad).

Kevin A

Arizona Shine has blessed me greatly!

James S

I love your station ๐Ÿ™‚

Debbie H

I just found your station yesterday and it has helped me remember that God hasn't forgotten me. I am having total hip replacement on Dec. 17 and will spend Christ Birthday in rehab. I pray I can get your station in rehab. Thank you all

Carolyn G

Your ministry brings praise to God and encouragement to your listeners. May our Lord bless you as you continue this worthy mission.

The Spillers

I love love love the variety of Christmas music you're playing! I love your station. Thank you for getting me into the Christmas spirit!

Tiffany P

Your radio station is such a blessing to me and I know to alot of other believers. It's the only station I listen to I'm a caregiver for Angels on Duty, in prescott valley. I love my job I've been a caregiver for over 7 years. I took care of my parents till they went home to Jesus. I can't wait to see them again.
Thank you and God bless everyone there and all who listen.


Thank you for your wonderful ministry! We enjoy the variety of music. ๐Ÿ™‚

Andrew C

Best station on the radio, uplifting.

Mellanie S

I love your station and am grateful for all who make Arizona Shine happen!

Melissa K

You are the best. I enjoy listening to the great songs that change lives all over and I will not give up spreading the the news that God is still God and always will be forever. Thank you.

Britt N

Thank you for your encouragement to me and my two teenage kids.

Jennifer G

I started listening to Arizona Shine several months ago and it has changed my life ever since. I was at a point where I didn't know what to do or where to go. The second I started listening to the music, it touched my heart. I grew closer to God and felt happier. The right song came on every time I needed it and still does.
Songs such as "Blessings" by Laura Story, "Fall Apart" by Josh Wilson, and "Sparrow" by Audrey Assad are among the many that spoke directly to me and began to bring healing, as well as tears.
Now, every night I go to bed listening to Arizona Shine and wake up every morning listening to it. It's nice that it's always here for me and it's definitely a gift from God. Thank all of you for what you do!

Tabitha S

We have Arizona Shine playing on all three floors of the house we live in going 24/7 because "The Lord inhabits the praises of His People!" When I wake in the morning, He's the first thing on my mind and when I go to sleep He is the last (I guess He really meant it when He said, "I am the alpha and the omega"). But the reason I love listening to Arizona Shine the most is because without worship it would be soooo much more difficult to remain in His presence. Worship helps us get there and stay there. Thank you to all of you at Arizona Shine...You all rock!

John B

Your station was the tool God used to open my eyes! In my car the only station that is on every button is 90.9! It is my only choice.

Terri A

Love your station and brightens my day

John P

You guys are great! I'm gonna put these stickers on my cars so others can discover the joy of listening to music that inspires and glorifies our Righteous King, Jesus!!

God bless and thanks for the stickers ๐Ÿ™‚

Bryant C

I recently came across your your station by chance (maybe not) and enjoy your presentation of uplifting christian music.
I'm sixty plus years old but your music makes me feel alot younger.

Stephen S

I love your station it is a blessing to have you!!

Cathy P

Thank you for the blessing to go see the Steven Curtis Chapman concert Friday night. I got to see a friend I have not seen in 18 years .She also won tickets from Arizona Shine! She was one of my sewing students and I have often wondered what happened to her and here she is in Prescott just over the hill from Camp Verde!! My husband and I had some difficulty getting in but all in all it was a wonderful concert!! We are new fans of Bebo Norman, what a gifted man!!!! Thanks again ! Also to let you know this concert had a profound influence on my husband to see so many christain men with their wives, and talking with Dan from Arizona Shine really made an impact on him! Praise the Lord! Dee

Dee B

A couple of months ago my life was shattered...completely crumbled, and I stood on the side of a bridge. While there I got a text message: "I haven't talked to you in such a long time- but whatever you're doing, you just need to stop." I stopped and climbed back into my truck; on Arizona Shine, 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman welcomed me. I guess that's kind of my theme song now. I have never felt so alive; so on fire for our God.

We're all so busy-zooming in and out of traffic, rushing to get to that next appointment. Arizona Shine every day is there-that gentle reminder that God is present in our lives.


Thank you for all you do! You don't know what a blessing you all are to your entire listening area. May God Bless You and Your work!

Chris W

Thank you so much for the D'backs tickets for game and concert. My daughter and I enjoyed it very much!! God bless y'all!


Great way to start your day!


Love your station!

Connie E

I love your station. It's a VERY bright light that i most desperately need in my life!!

Jennifer N

Thank you Arizona Shine for good faith music helping me while I've been away from my family doing Summits for Ataxia. Again God bless you all.

Jason L

I'm really going to miss listening to Arizona Shine on my way to work. I will be moving in 2 weeks. I may not be able to listen in my car but it will not stop me from listening at work from my phone. Thank you for everything you do. Arizona Shine has definitely gotten be through some dark times in my life.


Arizona Shine just mellows me out


Anything positive in this world is a plus,and the programs and music remind me this world is not my final home and that's a +.


Every morning on my way to work I listen and get that lift I need to start the day! So often it seems I hear a song that speaks right to the heart of what is heavy on my heart and what I need. Usually then leads me to just the right Scripture for the answers! Love Arizona Shine.


I have hit a bottom in a relationship and this has been a tool for healing my soul and spirit. Thank you for that blessing everyday.


Arizona Shine has given me hope for years! The team is super and the music is wonderful and I love the message from all the different programs.


Arizona Shine allows me the chance to shout out loud all the good things God does for me every day!


You brighten my days!


God has used Arizona Shine, by bringing the words of the Kutless song to me "That's what faith can do". SO ENCOURAGING, SO UPLIFTING


I have had difficulties at work lately and find as I am going to work early am, the songs have reminded me that I am God's child and am worthwhile. My purpose has already been established and I need to let my light shine through the difficulties. I love the mix of music you play. Thank you.


God uses Arizona Shine in many ways, though the music, the teachings. It is the only station we listen to.


I've been going through some very difficult times with my health, work and finances. Listening to the music on Arizona Shine, helps me get through my days.


Arizona Shine encourages me in the Lord every time I listen. It also gives me the blessing of spreading the Lord's love to others by my helping financially. I like that Arizona Shine is online and we can reach the whole world from Prescott AZ.


Arizona Shine plays the music to help me worship God everyday. He also has you play songs I need to hear to continue my walk with the Lord.


It has keeping leaning toward the positive side I have had a rough personal year and a half... Arizona Shine Truly has gotten me through it.


Arizona Shine is a daily part of my life, each and every day. There was a time recently when I was listening to other music, and I started to have bad feelings, like something was terribly wrong in my life. I switched back to Arizona Shine and now everything feel RIGHT again!


Cruising to and from work, the music and message gives me a boost through the day.


Arizona Shine witnesses to me in songs and lifts me up no matter what is playing on the radio. It seems you know just what message I need to hear. The variety of artists is so great, and I appreciate every program. I would not listen to any other station ever!


Arizona Shine is always there, wherever I go, like an old friend!


It's nice to have Arizona Shine on while I drive. I LOVE 'ON the way to Sunday'. It's the best way to start my Sunday morn's on a worship track.


I drive 160 miles round trip Mon-Fri and Arizona Shine helps me stay centered, joyful and focused on God. The programs reach me when I am unable to attend services elsewhere and it has truly been a blessing in my life.


Uplifting Music when I need it. I listen all day. Great Preaching in evening from the line-up of Pastors. I listen all evening as well. Adrian Rogers, most recently. I often repeat the messages I hear to colleagues and family.


It seems like every time I have had a problem and am going through something that "just the right song" comes on when I need it.


The music always picks me up when my day is not going so well.


Arizona Shine always makes me and my daughter smile!


God has used Arizona Shine to keep me focused on Him and not the past.


Being disabled and not having gas money, I'm stuck at home a lot of the time. Arizona Shine helps me not to feel so lonely. Also, my husband listens to the station on his headset at work, and it helps him pass the time - and stay awake!


Its kept me positive throughout my entire day!!


I have made some changes in my life and changed my lifestyle for the better and God has helped me get through the financial struggles and my husband being jobless. I know that God is here to get us through these rough times and it will get better. Arizona Shine is the only radio station that i listen to and will listen to forever you bring me inspiration in the songs you play.


As the mother to 3 little ones (4 and under) and pregnant with my 4th Arizona Shine has helped me keep my focus on God during the day with things are going crazy.


Right now I am in the middle of a transition of leaving high school and going to college. I also have had my father re-enter my life and when ever I am unsure or find myself down I turn on Arizona Shine or my ipod on which I have downloaded all the songs I hear from Arizona Shine and I get a whole new look on why I'm feeling the way I am and if its an appropriate feeling or a selfish feeling. It's through Arizona Shine God has made my relationship stronger than it has ever been. I love God and the word I get through Arizona Shine's music..


When I listen to it when i'm mad or sad it always helps let me know that God still loves me.


Arizona Shine has helped me through my divorce and being a single mom a lot. Thank you! โ€“ Donna


Thanks for the ministry of music and teaching. Keep up the good work. Glad to be able to get the station down in Anthem.


Thank you for all you do, you are laying up treasure in heaven with all the ministering ya'll do day in and day for us needy folks. BLESS YOU


Please do keep up the good work.You guys really Shine.


Great, great message you guys bring...thank you for passing the gifts God has given you onto us.


I love you guys and what your doing so much! I listen to you guys every morning on my way to work and after a stressful day itโ€™s so uplifting. You guys are God sent no doubt. Thank you for all the time you guys put in for Arizona Shine


Without this station, I don't think as many people would be making it through their daily lives as easy. I know the hand of GOD when I listen to Arizona Shine. I feel HIS love all around me, and it helps to guide me down the right path for the day.


Thank you for all you do to get the word out about the love of Jesus Christ! I love that you are local, and you don't have an annoying "morning show", First Light is perfect!

Sue H.

Thanks for all that you do. I have your station on in my car and anyone that rides with me gets exposed to more about God. I hope it helps them find their way to God.


You're all awesome and Arizona Shine is the ONLY radio station as far as I'm concerned! Best music, best personalities on air, and best encouragement and support anyone could need. Thank you Arizona Shine!! You appeal to all ages, which is hard, I'm sure!!


I really like Arizona Shine because of the mixture of songs, variety that you guys play, and the different ways you guys share the gospel and bring hope and encouragement to people.


My family and myself just love listening to your station, it is such a relief from the drugs, sex and violence of mainstream music and media. You bring us all such joy, thank you!


I Love your station so much. I want to put a sticker everywhere I can to share the station with anyone who see's me.. even my husband's car too.. he listens too

Michelle B

Thank you for being you!

Donna P

I've been listening every morning, the music is uplifting plus the info helps me along my life's walk. Thank you and God bless.

Matthew K

Blessing to all. Thats what I hope the stickers bring to those who drive past me....Thank you

Antonio H.

I love all the music you play. It really makes our day better.

Oscar Q

Keep rock'n the WORD!!!!!!

Mike M

Thank you and God Bless You all at my favorite station in AZ!

Margo B

You guys are so great doing this for others.

Steve P

Time and time again I have heard a message or comment on Arizona Shine that confirmed what the Spirit was saying elsewhere. For me, that is how I know that Arizona Shine and its staff are doing the work of God. Because the Spirit confirms them. Thank you for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and obedient to our most worthy Lord!

John B

Praise God for you!!!!!!


I love you guys for what you are doing


Thank you every day for being there.

Christine G

Thank you Arizona Shine for great blessings through music and Christian Programs.


Keep up all the good work. God bless all of you. You are loved.


Thank you so much for sending us to Spirit West Coast! Our family thoroughly enjoyed it. We tried to hit as many concerts and signings as we could as well as enjoy the ocean. We were truly blessed by the experience. Thank you. David, Sherri, David II and Brinly

Sherri N

As a local law enforcement Officer, a big thank you goes to the local fire departments, as well as the other heroes, the local law enforcement on scene. Thank you Arizona Shine for the difference you make.

Gary B

I picked up a copy of your devotional last month at my church's bookstore (Calvary Community Church) and have been truly blessed by it.

Tanja B

There is not enough space here for me to tell you what this station means to me. This station has quite literally saved my life. I have a rare and very painful disease, CRPS, and I listen to this radio station for support and healing of my heart. Please keep up the hard work, and know that I am most thankful to God who led me to this station and that it is being run by a super bunch of folks. thank you all...and I love you...Your sister in Christ. Jackie

Jackie O

I just want to say thank you very much for the work you're doing. I am pastor Timothy in East Africa Uganda, but following your programs online and on facebook. I pray to the Living God that He bless your work and make your name great. Hallelujah, Praise God, Amen.


Keep up the uplifting music and messages you air daily !!

John L

I am going to Kentucky after winning a writing contest by God's grace. I'm only 13yrs old so it's extremely hard to raise over a thousand dollars in 2 months. I feel like giving up, but when I turn on the radio I keep going because the songs are so compelling, and I continue to look to God. Your extremely encouraging, thank you.


I love you guys! Thank you for being there. May God Bless you all with His love and blessings.
Most Sincerely,

Ginny D

I am always blessed by the music and programs on Arizona Shine!! You guys help keep me going strong when things get tough. May God bless each one of you in your ministry and in your lives.

Julie B

The first time i heard this station was last year on our way to Flagstaff to pick up my daughter & was blessed by this station and the great positive music. Found it on the internet last week and now I listen to it every time I'm on the internet. Good encouraging music I thank God for the station. God bless you all at Arizona Shine, keep up the good work.

Michaelias M.

Arizona Shine Staff........Definition: brothers and sisters who love, care and bless you every day, just like Jesus Christ told us to do! Understanding, comforting, a friend when no one else is around. Arizona Shine: TRUE believers in Christ, always willing to pray for you, your family, friends, and anyone who needs it! God has blessed this ministry and they have carried me, with their love and devotion to our Lord.....when nobody else could! I love each and everyone of them! AWESOME BUNCH!

Josie G

You bless our lives every day. Thank you for your wonderful ministry and willingness to share Jesus with everyone!

Karen D

I listen to Arizona Shine every day at the daycare i work at during their nap time so they can hear it to while they sleep. ๐Ÿ˜€ Instead of that secular music they like to play here,which in my opinion is very negative and not uplifting .

Sheri I

You guys are awesome!

Matt M

Thank you Arizona Shine for great blessings through music and Christian programs!

Joe P

You guys are awesome!!! Love your station!


Love the music,and the Word. Jesus saved me in 1993 from alcohol. Still sober today by the grace of God.

Rick H

Your station is a constant blessing to me. I absolutely love the music!

Lori H

I am so glad you exist. Never understood how someone could listen to this music 24/7, but I'm hooked.

Michaela G

Thank you for all you do. May God continue to Bless your station and your staff and their families! Keep up your Great Work! My wife and I enjoy Janet Parshall's show.

Benjamin R

Dear Arizona Shine,
Thanks for the tour. Dave, I learned a lot from you! Thanks for the CD and ball! Everyone there was so nice. I love listening to "Arizona Shine!"


Sally, Kelly, Dave and everyone at Arizona Shine. God bless you all! Thank you for the wonderful tour and making my son and me feel so welcome!

Kristi C.

I listen every morning and every evening to and from work. Arizona Shine starts and ends my day just right!!


I have been fighting ovarian cancer for the last 6 years.
There have been some very hard times either from chemo, surgery or radiation, and it can bring me to a very bad place. There have been many times I have turned on the radio and either heard a song, or a message that spoke to what I was feeling at that moment and it helped put me back into a place of trust. A place where I know God is in control.
Thank you for that.

Karin K

Great station thanks for being there.

Jamie H

You're a God-send daily. I Look forward to each day's inspiration. Thank you for allowing God to work in great ways through you!

Marla S

When life has me tired and worn down and I just would like to quit, the music and message of Arizona Shine gives me the heart and strength to keep on going.


Thank you for all the encouragement you provide daily! You truly help me to remain intentional in my daily life and to keep my heart focused on the Lord! God's blessings to you all!

Stacy B

Sometimes I get so upset that I have a 4 year old and canโ€™t even play with him because of the pain. I get so depressed thinking that nobody will help me with taking the tumor out. When I find myself at my lowest point, I always find myself turning on my radio to 90.9!!!! It does not even take 10 mins before my worries are lifted and I start to feel God with me! I feel like Arizona Shine is the only thing thatโ€™s helping me get by with all of this. I start to feel like Iโ€™m stressing too much and something just tells me to listen to Arizona Shine. When I do, I know that God is walking with me through this.

Thank you soooo much for all you guys do. You guys really help me get my confidence back!! PLEASE MAKE A PRAYER REQUEST FOR ME!!! Thank you again. GOD BLESS!! *Kiea*


I love Arizona Shine! You keep me company while I clean house, play with my dogs, garden and spend time with my husband.

Barbie H

Thank you for your ministry to the local community and especially the teaching ministry.


We love Arizona Shine. It is the only station we listen to in the car. ๐Ÿ™‚

Mike N

Your radio station is so inspiring and gets me through the day. Thank you to everyone for such an awesome job. God is so good! Bless you all.

Jeanne B

Thank you for being a beacon of light and hope on a daily basis.


We all love your radio station. GOD BLESS

David B

God bless Arizona Shine to take Jesus to our community...with God all things are possible.

Lori A

Thank you for all you do to make our days a little brighter.

Dee Y

Thank you you're such a blessing to so many. Hebrews 12:2

Suzi C

God has used Arizona Shine to bless me and help me in times of trouble. God bless you all.


In the summer of 2000 I lost my youngest sister to a drunk driver. She was 27 years old. When I hear the opening of a song from Third Day, I can't help but think of her. "To everyone who's lost someone they love, long before it was their time" Cry out To Jesus (Third Day).


I want to comment on a song that just thrills me every time, but I don't know the name of the song but it says these words: I don't want to live like I don't care, I don't want to say another empty prayer, no I refuse; ... something like that ... its just very up beat , exciting and motivational. It would make a great alarm to wake up with each morning! Thanks!

Pam S

This raido station helps keep my faith alive:)

Noreen E

I Refuse! I love that song! such an awesome message. I refuse to stand around and watch the world and pray for the broken people and disasters. Thanks for playing that song! and Waiting for tommorow- don't wait for tommorow!

Michael C

A couple of years back when I was going through a lot of struggles, I was listening to the radio and Barlow Girl's song Never Alone came on. It reminded me that even though I could not physically see God, he was right there with me.


I am a huge Chris Tomlin fan. His song, "Jesus Messiah", really captured my heart the first time I heard it. It is such a powerful song that pulls on my heart by reminding me what Jesus did for me. It helps me get through some pretty grueling days by reminding me that Jesus loves me the same--yesterday, today, and tomorrow. That makes every day an awesome day!! Thank you Jesus!

Maureen C

I was having a bad day, and was actually crying in my car. I turned on the radio and "What Faith Can Do" by Kutless was on. That song spoke to me in so many ways, and quickly became my favorite song. A few months later, after a bad day at work, I was in my car questioning the whys behind everything. I was getting ready to put a CD in, when this voice in my head said stop, just listen to the radio. Right after that I heard the cue to be caller 9 for Kutless concert tickets and I won. I attended the concert just to hear that one song and was able to speak to the band afterwards and let them know how this one song that God blessed them with had blessed me in so many ways.

Katherine W

It's a song from a long time ago. "In Christ Alone" by Micheal English. Nobody sings it like him and many have tried. But at the time I heard the song I was very lost and wasn't sure I even wanted to be alive. Then the song came on and I cried my eyes out and KNEW that Jesus was my only hope to live on!

Judi F

I like Mercy Me's song, "Move"; the words "I just might bend but I won't break; long as I can see your face". This has given me a lot of encouragement to not give up and to stay connected to God through many life challenges that had left me feeling defeated and removed from Him. It helps me to have a more positive outlook, and reminds me to trust God to bring me through to a better place.

Helen D

The new song by the Newsboys "God's not /dead" has really inspired me to live with the ferociousness of God's love inside of me. Whenever you play that song, I feel empowered to go out in the world armed with his love and power inside me. It is an exhilarating disposition. Thank you for helping to give me the power to live each day with his strength leading me on.

Heather C

I think Francesca Battistelli's "This is the Stuff" reminds me that God is interested in everyday events and wants to be there for us. Her song "Worth It" lets me know no matter how tough my marriage gets, God will make it all worthwhile, even when we have a difference of opinions.


Forever Reigns is my fave song right now. It just reminds me in my rushed daily life to make sure I give quality time to the Lord and that He's the most important in my life.

Donna M

"God's Not Dead, He's Surely Alive He's living on the inside, roaring like a lion"... I awoke last night with that going through my head over and over again. Our teens are not walking with God as we would want them to, and my husband and I have been crying out to God on their behalf. This morning I found out that my husband, too, woke in the middle of the night with this song playing over and over again in his head.... Think God is trying to let us know He is at work in our teens??


"Overcome" by Jeremy Camp has lifted me up over and over again when I think I just cant go on. By the way it talks about victory and honor and glory and the blood of the lamb. Nothing i could go through could compare to what Jesus went through and did for us. There is no love greater than that


There are some Christian songs that are so uplifting, you want to listen to them over and over. "You Lead" by Jamie Grace has that affect on me because it's message is so simple: "You lead, I'll follow." This is how we all should be, with the mindset of a child. This little reminder helps me in my life so I can follow the Lord in everything I do.


Building 429' new song "This Is Not My Home" has given me a lot of strength by helping me to keep my eyes on Jesus, when things around me are tearing me up.

Craig D

Oh man, it's hard to pick just one! It seems like there's always a song speaking to me and reminding me of who I am to God (Jason Gray), but one of the many that stands out lately is Sparrow by Audrey Assad. It's a reminder of the fact that no matter where I go or what I do, God's eyes are always on me. In a different time in my life that would have meant guilt and conviction, but now that thought brings the most amazing comfort and security.

Anna M

I praise the Lord that I am able to listen to Arizona Shine. Sometimes I just listen because I want to and many times I listen because I need to hear what you are saying or playing at the time. When I am having a hard time I find comfort in listening to Arizona Shine. I want to say I liked the Wacky Laws that use to be in the morning. I also want to tell Mike I was glad to have met him and his wife a while back at church. This is a hard time in our life right now. We almost lost our oldest son last night. I have the station playing loud right now. It always lifts me up when I feel down. Thank You


Thank you for a great Christian radio station in Prescott and hosting the yard sale for Native Americans! God bless this station!

Joe P

Arizona Shine is the only station I listen to. Thanks so much for all the wonderful messages and music.

Amy M

I am new in Christ as of the beginning of this year, one of the first things I did was start listening to Arizona Shine instead of the classic rock station I used to hear all day. One night in what I thought was a massive failure, I had been drinking and was asking God to forgive me and to show me that he was still with me. At that very moment I heard "Same God" by Newsong and was absolutely floored! This to me is proof that God is real, He is always with us, and he used Arizona Shine to speak directly to me that night. I once asked God to show me proof that I could not ignore, that night I got it! Thank You and God Bless Arizona Shine.


Dearest Sally & All of Our Precious Arizona Shine Family,
We just can't Thank You all enough for all that you did for us & how everyone of you went above & beyond for all of us! We are in awe of your commitment & love & support for the work and it truly moves us to tears to feel His love through you all. Blessings Blessings Blessings!!! to each of you for all your part in your help to this mission of helping children! It truly was a day of rejoicing-where we just stood back and saw our God move! Thank you for being his hands & feet!
Please know that we appreciate all your help & the light you shine for the Lord...You're such a great sample of true Christian love going the xtra mile for others. Mat 25:40
Lots of Love & Prayers Bettie & Archie
For * Somebody Cares *
The children send their love too- They had a blast!

Bettie of Somebody Cares

I really like your music it really helped me go on to my life.

Maria B

Your Station Is So Uplifting And I'm Thankful You Guys Are On The Air Helping To Spread God's Word.

Michael V

Thank you guys for all you do and for reflecting Christ! It is a true blessing to turn on the radio and hear nothing but encouragment! Keep up the good work and lets watch God continue to transform lives in our community and the world!


I just wanted to Thank You for Blessing me on Friday with the Tenth Avenue North CD. It was such a Blessing. I also was Blessed at the The Rock Worship concert that night and got to see them live. Thank you for Willing to be Willing to do Gods work God Bless and Thank you I pray for you station to continue reaching out. Love In Christ, Patricia


Love and faithfulness are what guide me through times of challenge! Thanks for feeding me the word I need to hear.


I just had to say thank you. There are no words to describe how the music and messages have impacted my husband's and my life. There are times when nothing i say will reach him, so I pray and God speaks straight through those radio waves and right into his heart. Never let the reflection of God's beauty be underestimated. Thank you so much!


I find that, no matter what my mood, no matter what the situation, anytime I turn the radio on and hear Arizona Shine, my spirits are lifted and calmed at the same time. Recently we had a heart-breaking incident within our family and as I thought the tears would never stop, I turned on the radio for some comfort and Laura Story's "Blessings" was just beginning. God's timing is always perfect! Thank you, Arizona Shine!

Gail H

The first time I heard "You're My Little Girl" by Go Fish, I was in total despair because my marriage was in trouble and I didn't know where to turn. When I listened to the words of the song that said, "I know you don't deserve what you've been through, but when you're crying in the night all you need to do is call Me and I'll be there". I felt like that Jesus talking right to my heart. That song has helped me to hang on in many situations because every time I was in distress, that song came on the radio and I could feel the peace that passes understanding come over me. Thank you Arizona Shine for being there for me.


Thank you so much, Christian radio is such a blessing you just don't know how much until you live somewhere that it is not available.


Arizona Shine is my very favorite station. The music is so uplifting and I really enjoy the programs. Thank you to everyone that makes this station a regular part of my day.


I want you all to know that you all do such a wonderful job. The music and all your programs help me get through the days. It seems the right things come on at the right time whenever I am going through a particular situation. You all are wonderful. Keep up the great work!


Thank you for all the wonderful ways you shine in the lives of those who love our Lord, and also for those who don't ...but will. God bless your ministry.


Thank you Arizona Shine for all the blessings, prayers,support, love, and being a true family to me! I love each and everyone of you so much, and you have played such an important part in my life, God has blessed me with you all!

Josie G

Just recently, I had spinal fusion surgery for scoliosis. After the surgery I remember being in my little room, and in a lot of pain. It was very quiet and so I decided to turn on the radio to the only station that I will listen to, Arizona Shine, just in time for the song "strong enough" to come on. I had never heard that song before and when I heard it, I was determined to heal quickly. I felt so inspired by that song that I recovered quicker than expected. Thank you Arizona Shine for playing that song at the time you did.


God Bless you and all that you do! You're station has been such a blessing in my life and for my family too!

Candace M

Thank you for everything you do to get me through the day. I am fortunate to be able to work at a place where I can freely listen to Arizona Shine everyday. I like to close my door to my office so I can crank up the music.

Laura C

The song that touches my heart the most is "Hurricane" by Jimmy Needham. For 9 years, my heart became hardened to the Lord for taking my dad on my 21st Birthday. I never was publicly angry with Him but just never realized I was growing further and further away. One day I was flipping through the radio channels and heard Jimmy Needham on the radio. Those first words of the song..."I need you like a Hurricane" pierced through my heart and I started crying right there in the car driving down I-17. I realized it was God asking for my forgiveness and to let me know that it is ok to let my guard down and let Him back into my life where I can be closer to both my Heavenly Father and my earthly father. After that day, I never looked back. God and I are closer than ever. I just cannot believe what a few words to a song can bring out. I love the Lord with all my heart now and like to listen to that song to reaffirm what God did for me and what turned my life around almost 3 years ago.
Thank you Arizona Shine for your encouragement to me and my fellow Arizonians. Keep up all that you do.
Love in Christ, Thank you Arizona Shine for your encouragement to me and my fellow Arizonians. Keep up all that you do.

Love in Christ,


This is a great station. Has good music and programs.
Enjoy it immensely. Thanks and my prayers.

Vonda S

I love your station, I feel more at peace and love the news, music and Christian events.

Sharon N

Best Christian radio station ever! Such a variety of subjects, people, views, etc. The only station my radio is ever set on! God bless you all!

Lisa D

Thank you so much. Whenever I feel alone or lost, Arizona Shine always seems to put the right music on or Focus on the Family has the perfect guest speaker.

Kristy B

I started going to church here in Cottonwood with my Mom about 2 years ago. We attend New Hope Christian Fellowship and for the worship part of our service, we sing along with beautiful music videos of songs like the ones played on Arizona Shine. The first time I heard "I Refuse" by Josh Wilson I believe the Lord was speaking to me through Josh's song because this was the first time I've ever felt truly called to "get up off of my duff" and DO SOMETHING to make my world and the world in general a better place and to really TALK to people about Jesus. Since then, I have been helping my church with the food service program, my Mom and I clean the church twice a week, I have become very active in "going green", animal activism and writing about all of these things online. Thank you God, Josh and Arizona Shine for giving me the push that I needed! P.S. Josh's CD "see You" was the first Christian CD that I ever bought but it wonโ€™t be the last!

Lisa D

Your station is a blessing.

Renee V

Thank you!!! I thoroughly enjoy your station! Your station has blessed my life with your insight. God Bless all of you for a job "Well Done" :)-Christi


Dear Friends at KGCB,
I am so thankful for your radio station and how you minister to individuals, families, and the community. May you all be blessed in 2012!

Cheryl R

You guys make the trials of life easier to withstand by the reminders of God's love and grace.


Cheryl S.

You are a blessing from God & help my husband and I get thru every day!!! Thank you!

Tammy T

Thank you for the great evening program lineup.

Diana C

Thank you for all you do.

Gail S

Thank you for your ministry. I love Dave's show in the morning.

Charles A

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the fact that you are still playing Christmas music. I had just finished decorating my tree and house for Christmas. Then my father passed. I had to be away from home for the last three weeks so did not have Christmas at home. I arrived back in Flagstaff on Wed. afternoon and have been able to listen to the music and finally put my tree lights on. It may be late, but it's still like I wanted it to be. Thank you again for your programming.


Thank you for your wonderful radio station. It is such a blessing in my life!


Thank you SO much for playing ALL Christmas music early in December this year! I love it all & we only get to hear it in December! So thanks for making my Christmas a little brighter!


Thank you for continuing to play Christmas music through the true Christmas season! So many secular stations play Christmas music through Advent and then stop playing Christmas music on December 25. Our true Christmas season runs through Epiphany. I have been very pleased to hear Christmas music the past two days (Dec. 26 and 27).
Love your station. Thanks for all you do!

Chris W

Thanks for all you do with your radio ministry!


Thank you so much for always being there when I need a pick me up.

Jocelyn K

Thank you for all the encouragement your station brings to soooo many!


I just want to thank you for playing the most awesome mix of Christmas music this year. It always seems to be so lacking on Christian radio and for the life of me I cannot understand why now of all times we do not celebrate Christ in Christmas, even when secular stations do to a degree. I usually just listen to my iPod in the car of my own music (i currently have 190 Christmas cd's), but we have listened every day and you continue to play stuff we have not heard. I can't thank you enough and you have truly made our holiday so special. God bless and have a blessed holiday!


Love you!


Thank You For You All at Arizona Shine you All do an Awesome Job!

Claudia L

I love listening to your station. I tell my children that Christian music makes mommy feel better when she is sad or upset. It is nice to know that there is music out there that will lift up my spirit and help me through my day.


Thank you for the huge blessings of your radio station! God bless everyone at Arizona Shine!

Jason A

I have a 40 minute drive to and from work. Your station allows me to meditate and focus on God's greatness. Going to work, it helps me to get ready for the day and coming home, it helps me to unwind. Thank you for sharing God's Word and Spirit with me and everyone else that has the radio on!!!

Marla S

Thanks for all you do. You are all such a Blessing.

Charles N

We are so blessed by your radio ministry. The radio dial is always set in our horse barn to 90.9. We wake up with you and end our day with you. May God continue to bless Arizona Shine.

John & Katherine

Love this station it's the best! Keep up the GREAT job!


Thank you Arizona Shine for the blessing of Christian Music!

Joe & Carolyn

I just want to tell you guys that you have got me through so much! Thank you! when I was scared and didn't know where to go, I listened to Arizona Shine and it made me feel better! Especially the song "By Your Side" by Tenth Avenue North. Listen to you every morning and it helps me get through the day:)


Everyday I drive into Prescott during the week to work. I also bring my cousins two children into town so they can attend middle school. On the ride in we listen to Dave and love to try and answer the On This Day question. We have actually won and the kids can't wait until we are eligible to call in again. We also enjoy discussing the looney laws and the fun facts. I am praying for an opportunity to have a discussion with them both about having a personal relationship with Jesus. Thank you so much for everything you do to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to this community!

Pam D

God blesses me daily with the worship songs and messages of Christ's love that I hear on your station.

I listen to you on my way to work -- it sets the tone for the whole day by helping me to focus on Jesus and abide in Him as I serve others in His love.

God bless you all and thank you for being there for Him and us!

Judy D

God blesses me daily with the worship songs and messages of Christ's love that I hear on your station.

I listen to you on my way to work -- it sets the tone for the whole day by helping me to focus on Jesus and abide in Him as I serve others in His love.

God bless you all and thank you for being there for Him and us!

Judy D

Your ministry and music selection have been such an uplifting blessing to me and my family. When I fall away or feel disconnected from God- I know just tuning in will always help me to find my way back home- Thank you and God Bless!


Thank you so much for what you guys do. You lift me up every day, and my children sing in the car, and rock out to Christian music which is awesome.


Love your music worship and your daily messages! Listen to you every day before we go to work!

God bless

Michael W

We have your station on in at least one room of our house 24/7

Michael L

Thanks for the great worship music!

Joe P

Thank you for being an awesome and uplifting station......My son just became a listener.. God Bless all of you

Suzie D

LOVE your message and music! It makes my day!


I really enjoy your station. It's the only thing I listen too. Keep up the great work you do there. I really enjoy listening to James MacDonald. Continue sharing the love of Jesus to everyone who will listen. Your sister in Christ

Renee F

Arizona Shine is truly a blessing. It is the only station I listen to when Im in my car. Long commute or short it's always on:-) The Lord makes beautiful music. It's a delight to my soul as well as my ears.

Tony G

The Arizona Shine team was there with their wonderful selection of worship and praise music picked out specifically to help me and my family deal with the tragic murder of my daughter. I felt as if every song was meant specifically for me and the peace and grace that God provided through all of you has been a miracle in our lives. Thank you so much for what you do and never stop allowing God to use you to minister to those of us in need.
Blessings to you all,
Catherine and Charlie


Thanks for brightening day, helping focus while running the race, rejoicing.

Gary R

Thanks again guys for always being there with music and words of wisdom. You guys are leading by example and showing God's love! God bless you all ๐Ÿ™‚

Bryant C

Your radio station is so up lifting. Its has helped me through some tough times.I love Arizona Shine. Thank you!

Theresa H

My wife and I found Arizona Shine when we were driving from Williams, Az to Phoenix. Thank you so much for airing all the inspirational stories shared by listeners.
God bless!


We love you Arizona Shine. It is a great station to listen to. Thanks. Keep up the great songs.

Melissa K

I love the work that you guys are doing. Keep up the great work. I listen every morning, lunch time, and evening in my car going to and from work. The music is so inspiring and helps me get through the day.

Jeanne B

I listen to it whenever I can, there's always something I need to hear to keep me going.

Elvera B


Karen B

You guys rock!


You guys are amazing!!! My husband and I absolutely love the variety of Christian music you guys play! God bless!

Hope L

Love the station. Listen every day.

Andrew C

Thank you for lifting up the name of Jesus with every speaker, every song, and every testimony given! Your station often re-directs me when I start to wander off on my own path and I am instantly back to walking hand-in-hand with the Lord.
Blessings to each and every one of you!

Gail H.

I am 14 and love this station. It is sooooooo uplifting. I wake up to it every morning and have it playing every time i am in my room. I sing and dance to the songs i love. Thanks a lot for everything. I love you guys. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hannah K

God bless you as you let Jesus' LIGHT shine through KGCB.

Lynn H

I love Arizona Shine it brings god to my heart each and every day thank you for all you at Arizona Shine for what you do God bless you all. Have a great weekend.


Dear everyone at Arizona Shine,

Thank you so much for all your encouragement. It is a blessing from God to have a station on the radio with nothing but good news. You guys do a great job! Keep up the good work!

God Bless,
Bryant C

Bryant C

I thank God for your radio station. I listen to it every day and it keeps me focused on Him. Thank you so much.

Patricia R

Arizona Shine is such a breath of freshness every time I get into my car! Thank you for playing the best Christian music! My kids & I are able to sing our praises all day long! Thank you so much for the blessing you have been in our lives!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


I LOVE Arizona Shine. You make a positive difference in me and my son's life every day. Thank you!

Karen B

Hey Arizona Shine Fam!
I love you guys so much, you bless me everyday! Keep looking to Him....
Living4HIM- Michael from Flaggie=D

Michael C

Thank you for all your good and faithful work. I dearly love hearing the Word from such wonderful teachers.

Dian F

Thank you so much for all the hard work you all put in at the radio station. Anytime when the station comes in clear I listen in.

Anderson Y

I praise god for you. Keep up His great work!

Crystal B

Bless your children with song through Arizona Shine. Psalm 42:8 By day the Lord directs His love, at night His song is with me.


I'm so thankful to have a Radio Station that encourages me in my walk with God and I love the music! I listen to the First Light morning show with Dave and Travelin' Lite with Mike. Thank you so much!

Brianna P

I, "Thank God" for your station! I have been listing to your station for about 4 weeks. How encouraging, refreshing and loving. I Just want to let you all know. Thank You again!
Be Blessed and Love, In the name of Jesus.


It is amazing what Arizona Shine has done for our family. From the effect it has had on my son growing up listening to the station, coming to Christ at age 15, and still walking with the Lord as a 20-year-old college student, to the effect it has had on my husband and I. We have enjoyed listening to the music and going to see Christian bands with our son and his friends, meeting other Christians through volunteering at the Arizona Shine fundraisers, and meeting some of your business underwriters who are fixing our house! We enjoy the music and the teaching at night. It is of paramount importance to us that this station not only survives, but thrive. I think of all the other lives that have been affected, as ours has. Think of all those that this station reaches, where no other form of communication could. Arizona Shine is very effective in reaching many, who might not otherwise hear the gospel. Everyone please generously support this ministry. You will make a difference for eternity.
God bless Arizona Shine and it's wonderful staff!

Marilyn R

Arizona Shine has always been there for our family, in prayer and friendship. We continue to enjoy listening far from AZ; here in North Central Kansas. Love you guys!

Shad C

Thank you for your dedication, loyalty and for all your songs. They always seem to lift me up and keep me focused on the real thing that's really important!!!! That is Jesus Christ who died on the cross for us!! God bless you and the whole staff at Arizona Shine! Thank you.

Bruce W

I love this station because I love being able to feel close to God, while listening to the radio! It's just an amazing thing that I enjoy immensely! I'm really glad that Arizona Shine took the guts to say "LET'S SHARE GOD'S MUSIC ALL OVER ARIZONA!" I don't think that I could ever thank you enough for the encouragement, enlightenment, and everything else that this station provides me with every day! ๐Ÿ™‚
Thank you!!!

Kaylee W

I love hearing this station while living in Prescott Valley. Listening to the music always raises my spirits & renews my hope!

Chantelle F

It brings encouragement because it seems like at just the right moment, the right song is played.

Todd Z

Listening to Christian music on Arizona Shine has been such a blessing in my life by bringing me joy on my days, goods days, and every day. It helps me get to know songs that have Biblical truths that I can sing throughout the school day helping me to keep a good attitude for non believers to see. I love music and it means a lot to have a radio station that allows that love to grow. Thank you Arizona Shine!

Stephanie K

Christian music has made a positive impact on my life because when and If I'm having a rough day the music keeps me in a positive frame of mind, and it makes me count all my blessings each day.

Stephanie H

It helps me to keep my thought life positive, and the lyrics always seem to pop up at the most needed times!

Shannon C

Listening to Christian music helps me keep my focus on Jesus and what He's done for me. It also gives me the opportunity to change the atmosphere at work.

Shana M

I like to sing praise to God and listening to the radio provides that outlet...especially since I can't sing well.

Ruth Ann C

Christian music keeps me focused and thankful prepares me to lead worship at my church Verde Baptist in Cottonwood, Az

Rick C

I have been listening to Christian music and radio for many many years...My car radio station might as well be stapled in place!! ๐Ÿ™‚ The music and talk...calms, teaches and reflects God's love for me every day. I would have it no other way!

Richard L

It helps shape my day into praise and worship. Rather than getting through a day, I thoroughly enjoy my days.

Nevitta M

A few years ago when I was going through depression Christian music was the one thing that kept me focused and kept me going. We would play it through the night so it would be on in the morning when we woke up. It helped me to be able to keep getting up and get through the day. Now we have it playing all the time just to remind us how great God is and how blessed we are.

Micheal W

It allows me to access Christian values and attitudes, even while I am traveling (which I do a lot)! I can be working out on the Reservation, and still get to hear great Christian music and messages. I love having that kind of influence readily available in my life!

Megan W

Listening to Arizona Shine helps me to keep my mind focused on the Lord throughout the day! Thank you.

Lori B

The songs really bring Joy to the times where there is none, love into the times of hate, faith into the times of worry, and last but not lest Jesus into the time of evil.

Lizzy E

Well, whenever I have an issue that I feel is insurmountable, I turn on the radio and hear the words of GOD'S love and the message is ALWAYS directed to whatever the situation is. It helps make me a better person and a better Christian in my walk with the LORD.

Kelly O

It has helped to remember that God never leaves us nor forsakes us and He is always being shown through Arizona Shine

Kati M

The music reinforces the blessings we have in our life; when things aren't going good the music just reminds me to look at the good things and see that no matter what is going on, I am still blessed. The shows, such as Focus on the Famiy, are so awesome to listen to. I try to apply what I have learned to my life all the time.

Katherine W

It blocks out the negative messages that I hear on secular radio. It is safe ALWAYS for my child to hear.

Karen B

I have only listened to Christian music for the past 11 years and it helps me get through life.

Janet B

It makes my attitude about life and people more positive and I'm tuned in to God more

Hannah D

God uses the music in my life to uplift me -- it is such a blessing to be able to listen.

Ginny H

Being able to enjoy God's Word through music in the styles that I prefer - the music touches hearts and heals souls... please please play: "I Can't Get Enough of You" by Scott Wesley Brown!!! Thank YOU. Peace

Gigi D

Christian Music keeps my ears, mind, and heart on Jesus Christ. It can and does rejuvenate my day.

Frank J

I was HUGELY into heavy rock. Once i accepted Christ in 96, i knew i needed to change. The secular lyrics were a negative influence on my kids AND me. It was a hard transition at first to learn all new bands and music, but now I'm SO very thankful and wouldnt listen to anything else. I'm thankful for Arizona Shine as the local radio station, that keeps us up to date on contemporary music and Christian news and concerts.

Donna K

I take care of various school-aged children before and after school in my home (I am a full time online student for my Child Psych degree at Grand Canyon University) and I play Arizona Shine just about non-stop both at home and in the car. Some of the children come from Christian backgrounds and others do not, but all of them are in hurting situations at home. I believe the seeds are being planted in their little lives and trust that God is using my home/car and your station as a vessel to share His love, in addition to the witness I try to be and the love, encouragement and hugs I give them. They may not remember much about me someday, but they will always remember that this was a Christian household filled with Jesus' Love. ๐Ÿ™‚ ~Dixie

Dixie Kirsten V

I put it on in the morning and it starts my day with a positive joyful attitude.

Dianna G

When I miss listening in the morning my day seems to be horrible... The music feeds my heart and soul and I am able to deal with the public with a sweeter attitude...

Diane M

It helps me make it through some tough days!

Denise M

A song always seems to come on the radio at just the right time as to speak to my heart regarding things I have been praying about.

Debbe H

Being a full-time worker and full-time mom, Arizona Shine has kept me praising the Lord, and keeping my mind on the things of the Lord. It has sustained and encouraged me in ways I wouldn't have experienced not having time in the Word like I would like to.

Deana J

It gives me such a positive and it's a wonderful way to start my day!!

Dawn M

It lifts up my spirit and keeps me strong in The Lord, especially before going to school. I feel joy when I can praise and worship my Jesus through music. It's all I listen to. In fact, whenever I try to listen to the types of music my friends listen to, trying to connect with them that way, I just can't. I don't understand why even Christians can listen to secular's pointless. But Christian music isn't pointless because we're lifting the name of God up and praising Him and acknowledging He is the King of kings and Lord of lords. Christian music impacts my life not only because I feel good and happy when I listen to it, but just knowing that it's true music that has a purposeful meaning. I'm sure that through God, Christian music is one of the reasons I'm the Christian I am today.

Danielle F

It's a daily reminder of God's love and sacrifice for me. It helps to keep me on track and focused on Him throughout the week.

Carrie Z

Thank you Jesus for this radio station amen and bless their socks off LORD,and may you shine through them everywhere they go.

Brad I

I like listening to Christian music because it fills my mind and life with God's word.

B.J. V

I have never made a habit of listening to secular music, but on the occasions that I hear it, it seems so hopeless and focused on the wrong things. I believe that Christian music has impacted my life by giving families a safe alternative so that I could grow up with good, hope filled, Christ-centered music.

Audrey K

Arizona Shine keeps me from listening to secular music that I KNOW isn't pleasing to God! It also helps me be in a better, more positive mood - that's a side effect of hearing about my Creator in the music instead of about worldly things!

Anna M.

God bless you!! This radio station and all the people behind its doors are a blessing from God. I am eternally grateful.

Jacquelyn M.

I am thanking God for the wonderful gift we have been given in Jesus Christ. You people are such a joy to know, and I'm so glad God brought you into my life. You all are such a blessing to me.

Marilyn R.

May God bless your radio station!
Jeremiah 31:25 I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint...
Praise God for His faithfulness and love!

Lori A.

Thank you for all you do to brighten our days and strengthen our faith!!

Deborah V.

Thank you Arizona Shine! I love the music. May God continue to bless you as you reach others.


What's amazing about The Lord is that He can speak to you through whatever He wants, and I would say especially through the Christian music. Kerrie Robert's song "No Matter What" is a great example of a song that God speaks to me through. No matter what in life I'm going through, it's like He's telling me to never give up the faith and to let Him take care of all my needs. No matter what. God speaks to me through so many ways, and I'm so grateful for it.

Danielle F.

God speaks through Arizona Shine all the time to me.

Carman F.

I have to admit, I was having one of those moments where I question God about why all the bad things have to happen - and why they always seem to happen to us?!? Then a song came on that talked about blessings coming through raindrops, and healing through tears. A great reminder just when I needed it the most! Later that night my husband commented something about how much we need rain. I know he was talking about our parched acreage, but it reminded me again of that song and how much we need the cleansing even though it can be hard to walk through. I just smiled at him and said, "Yes, we do!"

Anna M.

Every day I hear SOMETHING that speaks to me. The music is uplifting, I love listening to Dave (his personality truly makes every morning so much more enjoyable) and the preaching/teaching at night is how I love to end my day. No matter the situation, big or small, Arizona Shine uses God's word to speak to my heart in creative ways (other than sitting and reading the Word for myself). We can't read our Bibles every minute of every day so that's where Arizona Shine fills in for me and my household ๐Ÿ™‚

Angela C.

I love this station. I listen to it everyday on my long commutes to and from work

Blaine J