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April 29, 2011

URGENT!    UPDATE…  Aaron has completed round one of chemotherapy for metastasized Ewings sarcoma.  The brave 6-year-old will probably have somewhere between 7 and 11 chemo rounds that are five days each.  Please hold Aaron in prayer–he has been battling this cancer since he was two years old, has endured several surgeries and retains his brilliant smile and spirited optimism.  We love Aaron.


Barbara  was missing last Thursday and the subject of a Phoenix-wide search.  The northeast Phoenix resident was found, but had no memory whatsoever of family, friends, and events.  All tests and scans said she was fine but there was no improvement until just this afternoon!  Pray that God will give the doctors wisdom to find the source of her amnesia, and continue to heal this wonderful woman.


Stand with Vic in prayer as he meets with doctors  for an analysis of tests.  Pray that the tumors are no longer visible and that the Great Physician has brought healing and health to his wonderful servant.

UPDATE… Josie’s mom is doing well, just sore from the operation.  Josie has been referred to a cardiologist.  She has had a heart attack and is having testing to determine if there was damage to her heart., and also testing for COPD.  Josie has absolute peace, knowing that her Lord holds her by her hand and walks always with her in His plan for her life.

Dennis was in the hospital all last week undergoing testing.  A doctor has finally confirmed a diagnosis of hypoglycemia, which has made him quite ill through many years.  Please hold him and his wife Vickie in prayer to develop an effective diet routine that will relieve painful, debilitating symptoms.

Ron was in a car accident last week, causing broken ribs and leaving him hospitalized in serious condition.  Please pray for healing and relief from pain for both Ron, and his wife Betty, who has been diagnosed with cancer.

Grace, 11, has had serious health problems through the years and recently developed additional complications.  Please hold this child in prayer as doctors seek an effective treatment.

Pray for a very dear listener who has been diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s.  Pray that our Lord will guide her doctor to the most effective medication, and that she will be able to live a life free of the debilitating effects of this disease.

Annie will have a PET scan the first week in May.  Pray, please, that the scan will show no new or increased tumors; pray that the most recent chemotherapy has been effective in reducing the size of the tumors, and that she and Ken will give the glory and praise to our healing Lord.

Ryan was brought up in the church and knows the path he should have taken a few years back.  He is now in prison serving a 10 year sentence.  He is trying to live a Godly life while in prison but is finding it difficult.  Please pray he will realize that he needs to turn to God when temptations arrive.  Pray that God will give him the strength to serve out his sentence and be able to find something good out of this experience.

Please hold in prayer a family of Tucson. They are a family of four teen-aged daughters who is struggling with multiple financial and relationship challenges.  Pray that the Lord will cover them with His grace and mercy, and provide guidance toward complete salvation for all 10 who live in the three-bedroom home.

Patricia asks for prayer for her husband, who has been in prison for many years.  Pray that he will hold fast to the promises of the Lord, and walk hand-in-hand with Him toward his next parole hearing.  Pray that the couple can be reunited soon, and that Patricia will know His abiding peace.

Pray for a family who recently lost their wife/mother to suspected suicide. There are several children, the youngest of whom are teen twin girls.  Pray for the salvation of this family, that the Lord will bring them comfort in their loss, draw them together with Him, and give peace and direction.

His blessings,


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