Prayer Ministry August 4, 2011


PRAISE GOD! Vita, who was hospitalized with symptoms of a heart attack, has been released from the hospital with a diagnosis of anxiety attack. Vita’s daughter and grandchildren are currently living with her, and although she doesn’t outwardly show stress, she needs our prayers for our Lord’s abiding and comforting peace to fill her busy life.


Kenneth Perkins, 46, who was severely injured in a single vehicle rollover two weeks ago on Hwy 69, remains in a coma. He and his passenger Jason Metiva, 34, both of Dewey, were air-evacuated to John C. Lincoln Hospital in Phoenix. Praise God! Jason is back to work. Please pray that our Great Physician will touch Kenneth with miracle healing. Kenneth’s wife Mary, his brother Coby and his parents are very grateful for your prayers.

Josh, 29, who was readmitted to the hospital with a large blood clot high up in his groin after being shot, is doing well. He has blood clots all through the vein in his leg that was injured during the shooting, but blood thinners should keep them from traveling though his system. His doctor expects him to recover full health and use of his legs. He and Abbie are very appreciative of your prayers.

A shootout between two Phoenix police officers and a man they were pursuing left all three wounded this morning. The names of the victims had not yet been released, but police said the two officers – described as 14- and 17-year veterans – were taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center with injuries that were not life-threatening. Please keep the officers and their families in prayer for rapid and complete healing. Pray for the man being pursued, that he will turn his life over to the Lord, find peace in His mercy and grace, and make amends to those he has injured.


Please pray for healing for Linda who has Bell’s Palsy. Please pray for effective treatment and a complete and rapid healing for her. Please pray that her Lord will bless her abundantly as she goes through this.

Doug Hoffpauir, Sr., will start radiation next week after the malignant locations in his neck area that will get radiation are mapped. Treatment is scheduled for five days a week for seven weeks. Then routine follow up with PET scans to see if cancer shows back up. Pray for strength and rapid healing for Doug, who is a former deacon of North Phoenix Baptist Church and a good friend to many in the Christian Community.

Please continue to pray for Aaron Robinson, 6, undergoing chemotherapy through December for cancer that has metastasized to his lungs.

Connie’s kidney function is failing and she has trouble breathing from fluid in her lungs. We have held her in prayer earlier this year; please urgently pray for healing for Connie.

Lindsay is in ICU with complications from her surgery – infection, low blood pressure, dehydration – she has had an allergic reaction to all the antibiotics they have given her so far.

Crystal is still fighting the host vs graft decease and she is back at Mayo. They started her on chemo last week which will last about 3 weeks. They need to kill off the host so the graft will be the victor. She is 100% cancer free as that part has worked. She is down to 100 lbs and has no strength in her muscles and is going under physical therapy. Doctors do not want her eating so all nutrition is through IV’s. Pray for Crystal’s husband and family, and for Crystal who, with her Lord’s strength and guidance, has determinedly faced myriad cancer treatments.

Please continue to pray for Phillip from Louisiana. He has prostate cancer and is scheduled to have surgery on August 9th at 12:30 pm. He is a friend of one of our prayer partners who describes him as a real man of God.

Pray for Lisa who was just diagnosed with breast cancer. Her sister died two years ago with cancer that also started as breast cancer. The family all knows she is a different person and is praying to God for a healing.

We do not have an update on Tanner, 2, who had a seizure 10 days ago and was flown to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Please keep this precious boy in prayer, along with his parents and family.

Please pray for a woman who is in the hospital with heart trouble. She had an angiogram this morning and the results will determine her treatment – balloon, stent, or bypass. Please pray for her complete healing and for her and her family to draw near to the Lord during this time and be comforted by His peace that passes all understanding.

Please pray for healing for Tim. He had lime burn on his legs this week, but he is doing better now.

Joe is still in the hospital, but no longer on a breathing tube, is able to sit up and talk, and shows some additional improvement. Please pray for Joe, his brother Louis, and his extended family.

Continue to pray for Dale. He has had abdominal drainage periodically for a severely diseased liver. He was scheduled to have a portal vein bypass as a precursor to a liver transplant, but the infection must be healed first. Please keep Dale and his family in prayer.

Please join us in praise and prayer for Jessica, who recently had surgery at Barrows in Phoenix to remove a tumor in her brain. Her physical recovery has progressed very well, and we are praying for complete recovery of her sight and long-term memory. She is making application for admission to college–please hold her in prayer that she will have clarity during admission tests through the Lord’s direction and guidance, as we praise God that she has made a remarkable recovery from her surgery.

Praising the Lord! Cheryl, who has many health challenges that required several doctors’ appointments every week, had no transportation. Not long ago we joined those who have been praying for Cheryl to find some way to get to her appointments, and very recently a local dealership gave her a car.

Jim, who had been diagnosed with mesothelioma, now has been told that the mass is benign and doctors will begin treatment. Praises!

And on a personal note, my sister Annie had surgery yesterday for a knee replacement. The surgical team found that she needed only a partial knee replacement–her recovery will be more rapid and much less painful! Praise our Great Physician, and thank you for your faithful prayers for Annie and Ken.


Please pray for Brian’s family. Brian, 33, committed suicide this week. Please pray for the family and friends to come close to the Lord and be comforted by Him.

Taylor is struggling for direction in her life. At 16 she does not want to go back to high school—she wants to get her GED and “move on with life.” Please pray for this young woman, who needs to move closer to her Lord and pray for His direction in her life.

Please pray for a little boy and his family. Please pray for peace within the family which has been torn by divorce. Please pray that the Lord will move in a mighty way in the hearts of the people in this family and please pray for protection for this little boy.

Please continue to pray for Doug. It has been a very tough year for him—he has been very ill several times for as long as 17 days. He called asking that we just remember him in our prayers. Also pray that he finds new transportation as his vehicle has broken down for good.

Rebecca’s daughter was arrested last week for DUI and was in the Camp Verde Jail facing five felonies. During her court appearance the judge took into consideration that this was her first offense, and she was given probation. Rebecca said that her daughter is a Christian and admits she has a problem. Pray that this will remain a wake-up call for the daughter, who has two children who are with her husband’s grandparents. Pray that she will get the help she needs from a faith-based agency or Christian counselor.

In Him,