God is Expanding the Ministry of Radioshine


Dear Friend of Radio Shine,


You are helping to bring hope and reassurance into the lives of listeners every day through your financial support of Radio Shine. Here’s just one example of how God is using your gift to change lives…

I praise the Lord that I am able to listen to Radio Shine. Sometimes I just listen because I want to, and many times I listen because I need to hear what you are saying or playing at the time… This is a hard time right now in our lives. We almost lost our oldest son last night. I have Radio Shine playing loud right now, and it always lifts me up when I feel down.


As we work to reach ever more people in Arizona for Christ, God has expanded the Radio Shine ministry in dramatic ways!

Listeners minister to listeners through Prayer Works, Radio Shine’s prayer ministry at RadioShine.org. In just a few months, more than 4,000 prayers have been lifted up through Prayer Works!

Dozens and dozens of children have found hope in the midst of poverty through sponsorships from Radio Shine listeners, as Compassion International joined us on the air June 27th and 28th. Despite living in small huts made of bamboo and tin, these precious children will now know the provision of the Lord!

Radio Shine worked together with Prescott Community Pregnancy Center to promote their diaper drive, and new moms received 66,000 diapers last year alone! “Without our partnership with Radio Shine during their diaper drives for the last 15 years, that would not have been possible,” says Laurie Volcheck, CPC of Prescott Executive Director.


God is using your support of Radio Shine to change lives here in Arizona and around the world. Thank you for praying for the ministry, and for your faithful financial gift. You can use the form below to join the Radio Shine support family, and of course you can always give us a call at 928-776-0909.


Yours In Christ,


Sally Barton

Station Manager – Radio Shine