HOW to LIVE an ABUNDANT LIFE: Be Your Best – Physically, Mentally, Emotionally

HOW to LIVE an ABUNDANT LIFE: Be Your Best – Physically, Mentally, Emotionally

4 May 2016

1:30 pm-2:30 pm

Located at: Prescott Community Church

Being your best physically can be a recurring dream – always a dream, never achieved.  As the years creep up, the scale does, as well.  The stress from a life full of a busy career and family responsibilities has taken its toll on your health.  You find yourself with a cadre of medications, a lowered energy level, and a lowered sense of well-being. Learn how to achieve your dream of being your best physically, get motivated, and add more life to your living.

The free monthly series “How to Live an Abundant Life! 2016” continues Wednesday, May 4, from 1:30 – 2:30 p.m. at Prescott Community Church, 3151 Willow Creek Road.  All are invited to participate in this month’s interactive event which will focus on “Be Your Best:  Physically, Mentally, Emotionally”.

Improving your physical health correlates to improved mental and emotional health and thus a better quality of life.  Lasting results are not attained via an overnight process, but require a plan in order to succeed.  During the one-hour event on May 4, participants will be led in making a goal-oriented plan to improve and revitalize their physical health, contributing to an improved sense of overall well-being.  Personal experiences and tips will be shared by attendees and by those with success in improving their own health.  The session will be led by Pastor Dave Ellis, who has 25 years’ experience in leading seminars and workshop events.

All are invited to come participate and make a personalized pro-active plan for an improved quality of life through better health.  More information is available at  Come discover the possibilities of living life abundantly!

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Organization: Prescott Community Church

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