Creation Training Course in Phoenix

Creation Training Course in Phoenix

21 Feb 2015

8:30 am-5:30 pm

Located at: Northwest Christian School

This course is designed to provide the Christian with biblical tools that can be used in discussions with nonbelievers. Students will learn to use questioning techniques and presupppositional apologetics for breaking down the strongholds of evolution and moral relativism.


  • The Need for Apologetics
  • Presuppositional Apologetics
  • The Moral Argument (right and wrong)
  • Life-Long Learning Tools
  • The Value of asking Good Questions
  • Evidences for the Existence of God
  • The Cost of Neutrality

To Register: Contact: Garry @ 602-486-4920

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Cost: Cost: $45 Adults, $25 Students (includes student manual, lunch, snacks)

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