Reflections On The Invitation

I’m guessing I was about eight years old the day I ran down the driveway making a beeline for the mailbox. I’m certain my smile could have lit up a room when I spotted it…the invitation I had hoped for.  When I saw it, I felt…joy-filled.

Hi, I’m Sally and these are my Reflections On The Invitation

Such a little phrase really, “You’re invited,” and yet those words hold importance as God created us for relationship and so the warmth of an invitation brings with it the joy of connection.

You are welcome here; at Arizona Shine. We love sharing hope in Jesus with you.

And now we say, “You’re Invited!” Join us for an Open House celebration of Arizona Shine’s new home.  Tuesday, December 15 from 4:00 – 6:00 and please bring a Gift of Warmth, a new or gently used, clean coat to share.  Details are up on

What joy it will be to greet you face-to-face and say, “Welcome home!”