Reflections on Sticky Bible

S'moreOur campfire gave off a warm, cheery glow. Marshmallows were browning, sometimes burning, on the ends of my grandkids “Mallow” sticks.

Hi, I’m Sally and these are my Reflections on A Sticky Bible

The grahms and chocolate were ready for little hands to slide on the warm browned… or black, mallow waiting for the squish that guaranteed little fingers would be coated in the warm goodness.

Jessie had the greatest joy as the ooze coated her hands.  Opening and closing her hands she announced, “Look, I have a sticky Bible.”

“Sticky Bible,” what a great concept caught as her family modeled a sticky faith!

Thank you for including Arizona Shine in the moments of your life – the Truth of God’s Word through music and teaching and community outreach efforts based on the sticky Bible, keeping our faith sticky throughout the year.  Happy New Year