Reflections on Hope

New Year 2016


A new year tends to turn our hearts to a shiny new day, clean and clear, full of…hope.

Hi, I’m Sally and these are my Reflections on Hope

Hope is what you offered in the month of December in the hundreds of coats and jackets you donated – they were distributed by the local rescue missions to those needing a “Gift of Warmth.”

As you listen to Arizona Shine you hear the words; faith, hope and family – the hope we speak of is a firm faith and trust in what God promises for the future.

For moms, dads and babies in need during the month of January, together we’ll celebrate “Arizona’s Biggest Baby Shower” reflecting Christ and providing hope in a box of diapers, a car seat, formula or a onesie!

We, as the Arizona Shine family can know with certainty that no matter the events and circumstances that this next year brings our hope is in God who is always faithful.

Praising God, we live life together celebrating faith, hope and family on Arizona Shine.