Waiting to be Chosen

It feels great to be chosen, doesn’t it?

From middle school band tryouts to that amazing moment when you walked down the aisle and said, ‘I Do!’ – knowing that YOU have been chosen is wonderful!

But a child living in desperate poverty wouldn’t know what that feels like. Poverty has told them that they aren’t worth choosing, that their life isn’t important. When somebody tells them that God loves them, it falls on deaf ears. Nobody else wants them, so why would God?


You’ll change all of that when you sponsor them through Compassion International. You’re telling them that they ARE worth being chosen. You chose them, and God chose them. They are loved, and their life matters.

Maria is only 4 years old, and yet, she’s been waiting for a full year for a sponsor! By sponsoring Maria through Compassion International, you will change the world for her. Through Compassion International, she will  have access to clean drinking water, regular meals, education to learn a valuable trade, healthcare and most importantly, she will read words of hope, love and encouragement in letters from you, her sponsor. The love of Jesus Christ is what you’ll provide by sponsoring Maria today.

Click here to sponsor Maria or one of hundreds of children waiting for an answer to their prayers.








Dan Young and Micah White from Arizona Shine recently went to Haiti with Compassion International, where they experienced how God is moving through the ministry to cancel poverty. Check out the photos and learn more about their experience!